Your Reading & Experiences

When you contact us for your reading, whether Tarot or Angel Oracle, I will ask for some general details about you. This is to focus the cards onto you and your question.

Tarot cards provide a guide to the situation you’re in and how you may decide to deal with it. You still have the choice of whether to follow the cards’ advice or take a different path.

Your Reading by Starlite Tarot

Before I start any reading, I prepare the cards. There are many ways to do this but I prefer meditation. This not only cleanses the cards, but also prepares my mind and energies for the next stage: focusing on you and your situation.


Your reading and your unique situation

I will use the information you have given me to create a reading that is unique to you. Your feelings, beliefs and experiences create a one-off situation which is where you are now in your life. My job is to use my knowledge of the cards with the information you’ve given me. From this I will produce a reading which applies only to you, and only to now.

I will take the cleansed cards and focus my energies on you. Sometimes I will hold the cards in my hands or next to my heart. Often I sit with my hands over the cards, so my thoughts and energies have free flow with the energy of the cards.  I may keep the cards in a pack or fan them out in front of me.

This is when my concentration on you is communicated to the cards. It’s not just a one way conversation. This is when the cards tell me how I should read them to answer your queries and concerns.


The answers

Whether you are with me in person or have ordered a reading through this website, I interpret the cards as they appear and in relation to each other. If there are aspects you need to address I can offer the cards’ guidance on how to approach them. Even a reading indicating you may face challenges also tells me how you can deal with them for the best outcome.



Half hour Tarot or Angel Guidance reading

Full hour Tarot or Angel Guidance reading


Why not treat yourself (or a friend) to one of my special experiences?

Each one has been designed to combine your tarot reading with one of the treatments I offer, for a total mind and body refresher.

 The Celestial Experience- 
Leading you to a higher dimensional experience.  Enjoy half hour of multi card combination readings, followed by 30 mins of reiki healing, and transformative energy healing.  Good for if you are in need of a pick me up.  
Total time 1 hour. £60-
The Angelic Realm Experience
Enjoy a full hour of combined Angelic realm and Tarot card readings, all finished off with a 20 minute Reiki healing session.  Buy as a gift for yourself, or a loved one, as a lovely treat.
Total time 1 hour 20.  £85-
The Magic Mirror Experience
Enjoy delving into a half hour past life reading, where lessons can be learnt, and wisdom gained, followed by a full hour of past life regression using hypnosis, where you can discover your spiritual path, inner knowledge, and clarity about who you truly are. Great for the curious, or phobia sufferers.
Total time 1 hour 30.    £95-
The Emerald Eye Experience
Come along and enjoy a half hour life purpose card reading, followed by a full hour of using a combination of Timeline hypnosis, psychic coaching & Energy Healing. Good for those who are lost, confused or in need of direction towards a future career/relationship outcome.  
Total time 1 hour 30.  £105-
The Starlite Experience
Are you just unlucky, or is something stopping you? Become aware of negative energy patterns that may be damaging or disrupting your life, with half hour of card reading and psychic counselling,  all finished off with an hour and a half of multi dimensional energy healing, and shifting out of old patterns. Great for serious disruptive emotional patterns, cycles and upsets.  
Total time 2 hours. £125-
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