Hello, and a very warm welcome to Starlite Tarot. I’m Joanna Knight, and I’d like to let you know about some of the Services we offer.

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While I love to read your Tarot cards, it’s just one of the things I do, so please see the information below and let me help you in many different ways. If you have any questions about any of the services I provide, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Tarot Card Readings 

 are reflective of life, which is in contact with both dark and light aspects and will tell your story, given your unique energy signature. 

Angel Oracle Readings 

 are for those who are looking for a more Spiritual perspective. They’re a gentler way to look at the blessings you hold within your life and how you can improve your current situation, given the angels’ gentle guidance.  Readings are available on a one to one basis, or as an e-reading via an email account.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis  

 is also offered if you’re curious about your current energy signature and where it may have manifested from originally.  If you’ve ever wondered what role you played in a past life, or what lessons there were to learn and how it may have affected this current lifetime, then past life regressions are for you!

Future Timeline Therapy 

 is helpful if you sometimes feel a little ‘stuck’ or indecisive in your current situation.  If you want to meet your higher self, and take a peek into what happens next along your timeline,  then this is a relaxed and natural way for you to gently be guided, using hypnosis and NLP, into your own creative self.

Energy block removal, healing & readings 

Do you sometimes seem to get ‘stuck’ in a rut, often wondering why things just won’t move on, or ‘flow’, as you want them to?  For this reason I’ve introduced energy block healing, to help you into a state of flow and empowerment.  For more information on this fascinating subject, just contact me directly for an informal chat.

Reiki Healing

 A gentle and non-invasive hands on healing treatment, for those who wish to break into the healing experience gradually.  Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding healing treatment. In addition, it can help realign your energies and rebalance you in a wonderful way.

Relaxing Indian Head Massage

 A wonderfully relaxing and deeply rewarding head, shoulders and part facial massage experience. Also, it aids hair strength and growth, helps circulation and reduces tension and stress from areas which hold it most.  Indian head massage can also be beneficial for migraine sufferers and those who suffer from upper neck and shoulder issues.

 E.F.T. (otherwise known as tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful form of therapy whereby I will tap on specific meridian points on the body, while addressing any negative blocks.  During this process clients often report a release of what has been holding them back, and a calmer perspective towards change.


Group Sessions

Meditation Evening Group

First Thursday of Every Month. 7-9pm. Refreshments included.

Just £5!


Events and Groups available by request…

Past Life Regressions

Tapping on Emotional Healing

Manifesting vision boarding

Hypnosis to stop smoking and for health

Hypnosis for well being

Future timeline viewings

 Please contact me to go on the list. As soon as a place is available on your chosen course, I will send you the dates.

Alternatively, you may hold a group in your home. Your session, as host, will be completely FREE!


Special Offer from the Starlite Tarot website

Past Life Regression.

90 mins for just £55 (normally £75).

To find out more, please contact me quoting ‘StarliteSpecial’ and mentioning this website.

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