Your Reading

When you contact us for your reading, whether Tarot or Angel Oracle, I will ask for some general details about you. This is to focus the cards onto you and your question.

Tarot cards provide a guide to the situation you’re in and how you may decide to deal with it. You still have the choice of whether to follow the cards’ advice or take a different path.

Your Reading

Before I start any reading, I prepare the cards. There are many ways to do this but I prefer meditation. This not only cleanses the cards, but also prepares my mind and energies for the next stage: focusing on you and your situation.


Your reading and your unique situation

I will use the information you have given me to create a reading that is unique to you. Your feelings, beliefs and experiences create a one-off situation which is where you are now in your life. My job is to use my knowledge of the cards with the information you’ve given me. From this I will produce a reading which applies only to you, and only to now.

I will take the cleansed cards and focus my energies on you. Sometimes I will hold the cards in my hands or next to my heart. Often I sit with my hands over the cards, so my thoughts and energies have free flow with the energy of the cards.  I may keep the cards in a pack or fan them out in front of me.

This is when my concentration on you is communicated to the cards. It’s not just a one way conversation. This is when the cards tell me how I should read them to answer your queries and concerns.


The answers

Whether you are with me in person or have ordered a reading through this website, I interpret the cards as they appear and in relation to each other. If there are aspects you need to address I can offer the cards’ guidance on how to approach them. Even a reading indicating you may face challenges also tells me how you can deal with them for the best outcome.

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